Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama Makes Chicken-shit Demands On Mayors, Lets Bankers Wipe Their Asses on Bail-outs

Chickenshit is as chickenshit does...
Obama tells mayors to spend stimulus wisely

ABC News Reuters –

WASHINGTON – Invoking his own name-and-shame policy, President Barack Obama warned the nation's mayors on Friday that he will "call them out" if they waste the money from his massive economic stimulus plan.

"The American people are watching," Obama told a gathering of mayors at the White House. "They need this plan to work. They expect to see the money that they've earned — they've worked so hard to earn — spent in its intended purposes without waste, without inefficiency, without fraud."

In the days since the White House and Congress came to terms on the $787 billion economic package, the political focus has shifted to how it will work. Obama has staked his reputation not just on the promise of 3.5 million jobs saved or created, but also on a pledge to let the public see where the money goes.

His budget chief this week released a 25,000-word document that details exactly how Cabinet and executive agencies, states and local organizations must report spending.
Gee, I musta missed this part of the banker bail-out: "...a pledge to let the public see where the money goes."

Speaking of bankers, it looks like the latest fraud-ball investor to get caught in his own Ponzi scheme, that fucker Sir Stanford, is gonna get the Bernie Madoff treatment: kid gloves, no arrest, no forfeiture, just surrender the passport.

He stole only a piddling 8 Billion. Nothing compared to Madoff. But way more than a kid with a gun who knocks over a liquor store. Who do YOU think would go straight to jail?

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Mr. Pelican said...

Good point.
As always, it comes down to lawyers, guns and money.