Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do Not Dawdle, Do Not Shilly-shally, DO NOT Pause In The Order Of Your Going!


Get thee hence forthwith and attend to the awesome Driftglass' amazing excursus on the forthcoming CPAC (Conservatard Political Action Committee) convention beginning tomorrow in DC: "Big Fucknozzle Trade Show". There you will discover (and possibly can imagine some use for) an utterly exhausting and exhaustive list of all the funds, foundations, and folks who support Fucknozzles, Unlimited at the CPAC. This is just the "A" List:
The American Conservative Union: who believe that OSHA, commies and liberals are destroying America.

Accuracy in Media: who believe that liberal control of the media is destroying America.

Advocacy Ink : who believe that bad wingnut PR is destroying America.

Alliance Defense Fund: who believe that non-Christians, queers, unregulated vaginae and porn are destroying America.

American Civil Rights Union: who believe that militant atheists are destroying America.

American Federation of Senior Citizens: who believe that liberals are destroying America.

American Future Fund: who believe that non-Limbaugh-approved thoughts are destroying America.

American Service Council, Inc.: who believe that "socialized oil" is destroying America.

American for Tax Reform: who believe that taxes are destroying America.

Americans for Limited Government: who believe that Evil Gummint things are destroying America.

Americas Majority: who believe that non-Judeo Christian morals are destroying America.

AT&T: who believes that iPhones are destroying America.
THe list goes on and on through the rest of the alphabet, all the way to:
Young America's Foundation: who believe that frivolous youth who are not "preserving and protecting Ronald Reagan’s Western White House—Rancho del Cielo—and using this historic presidential property and our newly renovated Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, California, to pass on to future generations the ideas and lasting accomplishments of this great American President" are destroying America.

Young Americans for Freedom: who believe that Evil Gummint things are destroying America.

Youth For Western Civilization: who believe that Godless liberal multiculturalists who want defile to flower of our Southron Womanhood are destroying America.
(Anybody in Santa Barbara with an extra bottle of crazy glue could do the country a real service...)

P.S.: Am I being paranoid if I wonder whether there is any connection between the beginning of the Conservatard Creap Show and Obama's "Fiscal Accountability Summit," where the best minds in Government will work to find sufficiently secretive ways to put the chogie deep into the anal recesses of the (us) Boomers, whom Prez.O apparently regards with less respect than Ronald Reagan?


kelley b. said...

Zombie Reagan is still dead but walks among us.

According to the Faithful, anyway!

P M Prescott said...

With that many organizations you'd think they would have won 2000 and 2004 without having to cheat and would have won in 2006 & 2008. Guess their ideas are as bankrupt and the country they led into it.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

PM Prescott:
I think the fact that they can engage the services of such a vast array of 'supporters' supports (heh) my contention that the Pukes, indeed, "threw" the 'election' so as to saddle Obama & the Dims with all the intratable problems the Busheviks engendered during their regime...

P M Prescott said...

That would explain Sarah Palin.