Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Jingle" Bobby Jindal

Louisiana's (conservative!) governor, Piyush ("Bobby") Jindal (the slight, sepia-brown hope of the flying-monkey faction of the GOPukes) proved himself utterly unready for prime-time pretensions with his affectless, pedantic, patronizing, predictable 'reply' to Pres. Obama's address to Congress and the People last night. Still, given the fact he was selected--along with his unaccountable but nevertheless increasing prominence, and his evident taste for the national spotlight (though how he handles himself therein is both somewhat problematic and revealing)--it will become increasingly impingent upon his detractors to have at the ready a term of sufficient snark to put the posturing parvenu in his place and infuriate his fans. A bit of semiotic slap-down, as it were.

For this purpose--a sort of snarky "re-branding," you could call it--I propose the term to which the Hed alludes: "Jinglebob." He's already got the diminutive "Bobby." It's no greater diminishment to add the musical descriptor; that is: "JingleBobby" Jindal.

"Jinglebob" is an old cowboy term. It refers to metal, slug-like appurtenances hung by cowboys on the outside of the rowels (the 'spines') on their spurs, to make the rowels 'jingle' as they moved and spun. It was an item of pure, sheer cowboy vanity. They didn't have much, and couldn't afford much, and that little 'jingle' was all they could do to stand out.

It fits, of course, as Jindal is an icon of the vanity of the GOP: a noisy, trivial, substanceless appurtenance to the GOPuke noise machine. Think about that: he's the noise you make by 'spinning'...

And, as one might expect, and happily, there's also the (concurrent) Urban Dictionary 'definition' of "jinglebob": A Christmas 'blow-job.'

So we'll just call him "JingleBobby" from now on.

Works BOTH ways.

That is a term with which almost any child, even, could have a LOT of fun.

Unless you wanna go the route of calling him Piyush. How does one pronounce that? "Pie-Yoosh?" "P'yush?" "Pi-oosh?"

Yeah, I know. It's childish and jejune.

So sue me...


Dusty said...

It's not childish..I love it!

And it's true as he spouted all the usual bs the Rethugs have been using since the stimulus package was created.

kelley b. said...

If one can call Dubya, Bushie, can one also call Jingle Bobby "Pie-yushie"?