Friday, January 23, 2009

Where To Move The Gitmo Prisoners?

(Above, Yucca Mountain, NV, site for proposed US Long-Term Nuclear Disposal site--and my ideal place for a new Gitmo replacement site.)
That's apparently the big dilemma.

One way or another, a fair number of the men and boys held without warrants, trial, evidence, or due process at Gitmo, subjected there to humiliation, torture, and hopelessness, these last 6 or 7 years, have formed antipathies against the good ol' compassionate, freedom-loving, human-rights proclaiming USofA.

I can't IMAGINE how that might have happened.

But it has, and the biggest problem with closing Gitmo as a GWOT terrorist-detention camp seems to be what should be done with these men and boys. This seems to be the biggest impediment to closing it: where to house these (alleged) terrorists? What should/shall become of them?

I have had a couple of ideas on the matter.

Until I learned today that there was a low probability that the State of Nevada would permit the US DoE to consign high-risk nuclear waste to the facility at Yucca Mountain, I had thought that housing the prisoners there would have a couple of salutary effects. First, it is an isolated location, ensuring for the most part that the incarcerants would be able to be kept incognito. Second, since they could never be released, they would provide a valuable social function, acting as canaries in the coal-mine, so to speak. Their health could be a valuable index of the potential toxicity of the waste stored there.

But I was disabused of this notion by a Las Vegan who knowledgeably proclaimed that thee was no way The Sovereign State Of Nevada would consent to become the radiation capitol of the Nation. And for a while, I was stumped. But then I had a vision!

Put the Detention Center in Crawford, TX.

That's the "H" in the middle of nowHere.

Call it the George W. Bush Memorial Terrorist Detention, Rendition, and Torture Center: the GWBTDR&T Center.

Put the Bush "Library" there, too, and salvage what's left of SMU's tattered academic prestige.

(Hell, you could probably store the nuclear waste there, too, as desolate (geologically and demographically) as that part of Texas is. Nuclear radiation would pose no danger to the IQs in the environs of Waco. Indeed, some mutations could foreseeably IMPROVE things in that department...Sure couldn't hurt!)

This would be far more appropriate memorial to the name and accomplishments of the former President than a sewage sludge recycling plant in San Francisco (though the idea that the people of that great city could ever thereafter refer to their bowel movements as "taking a Bush" almost redeems the idea). The GWBTDR&T Center commemorates ALL the most important aspects of the Bushevik regime for all time...

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