Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Park Service Granted Rabid Gay-Basher Fred Phelps A Demonstration Permit On The Obama Inaugural Route

Yeah, this guy, the patriarch of Westboro Baptist Church in Wichita KS. The list of other permittees is eclectic. Vide:
The U.S. Park Service granted some groups permits to protest on Inauguration Day.

The Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kan., will have 15 people at the northeast corner of John Marshal Park protesting military funerals and gays until the parade clears, the park service said.

Protesting abortion clinics in front of the Canadian Embassy will be 100 to 200 people from the Christian Defense Coalition in New Jersey.

James Cook, who wants to make sure the Bill of Rights if fully upheld, told the Park Service he will have 50 to 250 people with him at Ninth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Northwest.

Demonstrating in favor of world peace at the northeast corner of Lafayette Park will be 50 to 100 people from the Coalition for Peace.

Also demonstrating for peace will be the Washington Peace Center. About 1,000 people will march from Meridian Hill Park (Malcolm X Park) to McPherson Square. The march requires a permit to march down 16th Street from D.C. police.

Seventy-five people from the National Japanese Memorial Foundation will ring a bell at the National Japanese Memorial in order to bring attention to the memorial.

All of the demonstrations are scheduled to begin at 7 a.m., with the exception of the National Japanese Memorial Foundation, which will begin its bell ringing at 8 a.m.
I wonder about the politics of this. Did a Bushevik USPS administrator issue Phelps a permit to embarrass the in-coming regime? Or did the NPS consult with the transition team on the selection of permitted protests?

It does appear, at least, that the so-called "Free-Speech Zones" of the last, unlamented regime are things of the past, no matter the reason.

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