Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Am NOT An Obama "Fan"!

I bear no personal animus against Mr.O. He's just another willing tool of the hegemony. He can hardly help it that no one who achieves national prominence and rank in either of the two CorpoRat parties is ever going to represent a serious challenge to the dominant order. And/or that nobody else is ever gonna get the power.

What that means is that nothing of any significance is gonna change, unless it is to the advantage of the hegemons that it should. There will continue to be warfare globally, no matter who is nominally in charge. Alternative energy will continue to be secondary until the Boss's bosses have stripped every dollar they possibly can from the existing energy infrastructure. There will be no Universal Health program, because the insurance companies will not-- cannot--be denied their parasitic share. Militarism will prosper apace, and militarists will profit handsomely. There will be more-- not less; never less --surveillance; there will be further "erosions" of rights. The PATRIOT ACT will stand inviolable and inviolate. Now that it's "legal" to interfere, I don't imagine that Mr. O will cede back privacy to the "people," if that might also include "terrorists."

Mr.O seems like a perfectly nice man. I'd probably like him if I were to meet him. But I have lived too long to expect him to behave like anything other than what he manifestly is: politically a "right-centerist," economically neo-liberal, smooth-talking, glad-handing demagogue.

You may rebuke me, at will, when (if!) it turns out otherwise.

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