Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fahnd Ewer "Peckerwood Kwoshunt"

The "Peckarwood Quotient" is described as follows: Divide the number of relatives living in your single-wide by the number of beds, multiplied by the number of miles to the nearest indoor plumbing.

Sample Questions

1. What do you call a young peckerwood girl caught having intercourse with her father?
a. A victim b. A slut c. Mom d. Sis e. "Ewe trahn t'nsult may?"

2. Count to eleven using both hands.

3. Show evidence of more than two grandparents.

4. Describe your most recent blood-clotting experience.

5. How long does it take for hare-lip surgery to heal?
a. 6 months b. 1 year c. 18 months d. you never get over it

6. Have you ever:
  • a. Tortured an animal to death
  • b. Physically abused a woman or a child
  • c. Playground bullying/toadying
  • d. Assaulted 'non-whites'
  • e. Committed sexual harassment/rape
  • f. Committed gay bashing/beating
  • g. Knowingly or unknowlingly screwed your sister (half credit for any other relative; half point for step-siblings; double for mom--triple if you scored the same day as dad)
(Give yourself 7 points for each of the following that you did; 5 points for each you witnessed; 3 for each you dreamed of or desired to do but couldn't find enough friends to hide among. You may count multiple occurrences separately and individually:)
7. True or false: Covington is the name of of both a black and a white family in that part of Louisiana across Lake Pontchartrain from NO, and both families sometimes have these cafe-au-lait-kids...

SA Kweschun: (10 points)
8. Assuming, arguendo, there are any reasons to be proud of simply being 'white,'describe all the things you, and your whole family, back through the course of time, have done to justify the pride you take in "being white." Answer in short coherent sentences. For half-credit, you may simply list the accomplishments of the 'white race' to which you or anyone related to you have made a significant contribution, noting the contribution.

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