Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On Moral and Explosive Equivalence In Gaza

I posted the following on TPM, in reply to "No Other Option?!" by the 'truly mature' Sam Bahour:
Since 2000, according to Democracy Now (the link/transcript to Monday's show is not up yet), Ali Abunihma, of Electronic Intifada, a commentator and enthusiastic and voluble apologist for the Palestinians, reported that while the Israelis have counted several thousand "qassam" rockets fired from Palestine into Gaza since 2005--little more than RPGs, albeit deadly if you happen to be within range (about 20 yards)-- Israelis have themselves fired more than 10 times that many--and exponentially larger and more powerful--missiles, artillery shells and air-borne bombs INTO Gaza over SINCE Dec. 1, 2008.

The spectre of the suicide-bombed Israeli bus smoldering in the street is horrendous. It will ALWAYS be widely promulgated--make the front pages/top story--through the 'civilized world'.

Unfortunately, the artillery or F-15 borne, air-to-ground missile-shattered autos or mini-buses in Gaza are ignored--in no small part because the Israelis won't permit outside reporters into their 'combat zones.'

It is credulous and naive to believe that the Israelis do NOT harbor territorial ambitions in Palestine. It is hard to avoid the implication that the Israelis are ethnically cleansing the Palestinian authority. They already have wrapped up almost all the water and other local natural resources sufficiently to prevent a Palestinian state to have any leverage in any future discussion of the distribution of those resources in some truce-divided state...
I have previously written about the false equivalences between Palestinian "Qassam" rockets and Israeli 105mm artillery/tank rounds or air-to-ground missiles.

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