Monday, July 14, 2008

What Do White Folks Really, REALLY Like?

What we really REALLY like is prominent black folks who tell other black folks that white folks ain't really responsible for the desolate conditions and desperate situations which plague so many black communities, black people, black families.

Whitey's fault? Slavery, Jim Crow, Apartheid? Nope. Not at ALL. Absent (imprisoned?) black fathers is the problem. Not doing homework! Lack of RE-spon-siBIL-itay!

White folks get all giddy when they can find a reliable Negro, one who won't blame them at all for anything unpleasant. It just makes everything so much easier for everyone involved if the matters like reparations, or lynchings, or Greenwood, OK (e.g.) don't come up. Heck, most white folks great grand-parents didn't even own one slave. ("It was almost 150 years ago. Get OVER it, already!")

White folks just go all squishy in their shorts over black folks who do that. If it doesn't have a name already, we could call it cultural Cosbyism.

Guess who insisted, to the NAACP yesterday, that "blacks must show greater responsibility for improving their own lives."

No, g'wan, guess. It's okay...I bet you can do it, easily:
The man who could become the first black president urged Washington to provide more education and economic assistance. He called on corporate America to exercise greater social responsibility. But he also received his most lusty applause as he urged blacks to demand more of themselves.

"If we're serious about reclaiming that dream, we have to do more in our own lives. There's nothing wrong with saying that," Obama told a crowd estimated at 3,000. "But with providing the guidance our children need, turning off the TV set and putting away the video games; attending those parent-teacher conferences, helping our children with their homework, setting a good example. That's what everybody's got to do."
I imagine the NAACP might have been a bit reserved in their responses, but the white folks LOVED it.

Which was, after all, the point.

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