Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bombin' Johnnie's A Lying, Fascist Maggot

Crawling out of the corpse of the Constitution, the shit-soaked parasite says: "Patriotism is putting Country first."

NO! Goddamn it! It ISN'T!

That way lies the totalitarian State, you vapid, clueless fucknozzle, you babbling, drooling shitwhistle, you psychopathic, murderous pig.


In the USofA, "patriots" put the Constitution first. Without the Constitution, we HAVE no "country." Certainly not one worth fighting and possibly dying for.

Rhetorical bullshit like this is the kind of crap that to me automatically disqualifies the speaker from ANY consideration of support. It frankly makes me want to hurl chunks. And it worries me that there are people in the country who will read that shit and think, imagine, believe, they're moved by it.

These are, likely, the same people who "love" Wal-Mart.

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