Saturday, July 5, 2008

Any "Earth-First-ers" Out There?

The Busheviks are really trying hard now, with a mere 200 more days in which to ensure their 'legacy' is irrevocable, to turn whatever remains of the surviving 'commons'--you know, the forests, lakes, rivers, shit like that--over to private ownership while they can still turn a profit.

There's "a big deal now in the offing to do exactly that.

I, of course, would NEVER, EVER endorse any potentially violent solutions to such depredations. That would be wrong, probably tortuous. But it does occur to me that somebody'd need to 'spike' only one or two trees in a hundred--drive thick nails deep into the wood of the tree, not injuring it, but making it immune from industrial cutting--to make logging so dangerous it would keep all but the most fool-hardy the loggers out of those woods.

As for the Plum Creek Timber's other developments? Fire is the great leveler. All's I'm gonna say.

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