Monday, July 28, 2008

Dick Cheney's DNA?? Oh Ewwkie! Tooo GROSS!!!

Repair the Country? Pfffft! You Freakin' WISH!
John Amato, at Crooks and Liars, was reviling the rumor that vile GOP harpy Ann Veneman might be under consideration as Obama's VP pick, summarizing thusly:
And if Obama does win the election, the Republicans will try to block every piece of legislation that comes by. Their plan is to then blame Democrats for not fixing all of Bush’s screw ups in two years and run on that platform in 2010. He will need a tough VP to go in there and help move the agenda along. And nobody can repair the damage that the conservatives have done to our country in two years.
What the FUCK? That last sentence leaves me speechless.

NOBODY will EVER 'repair' the damages caused by the fascist GOPhucquers in their full-scale assault on the country. Inflicting irreparable damage on the possibility of popular sovereignty was their JOB! They have undermined, subverted, and rendered impotent any and every institution and instrument of popular sovereignty to which the People could appeal to frustrate or thwart the wholesale diminishment, reduction or elimination of individual liberties and the transfwer of sovereignnty tot the Corporation. It was why they were installed in the first place. No BODY--not Obama, not his VP, not the Congress (because finally they agree with the fascists)--will be able to stem the flow, prevent the continued erosion of rights, and liberties, even if they wanted to (a dubious proposition at best).

The GOPhucques have salted every Department, every Bureau, every Office in Govt with anti-democratic moles, and they have all planted bureaucratic and administrative bombs throughout their reach. Perhaps not to the visible extent that they have polluted the DoJ, but the Busheviks HAVE politicized EVERY single aspect of Federal regulation, oversight, and assistance. To repeat a phrase: They shit on everything they touched.

The first thing any serious president should do would be to order the IMMEDIATE review of every single US Govt. hire--and of every administrative ruling--since Jan, 2001. In particular, they should eye every hire for their academic credentials. Anyone and everyone who 'graduated' from any of those sleazy, lightweight, rightard, Flying-Monkey/Xian diploma mills--Liberty, Regents, Bob Jones, Oral Roberts, Hillsdale, Westmont, etc (any "school" ratified by the so-called "Council on Postsecondary Christian Education")-- should immediately be required to turn in their keys and their hard-drives, and pay back their salaries. Any and every judge belonging to the Federalist Society should be forced to resign, and burn their robes, publically...(or be shot; their choice...).

Meantime, every Bushevik "Executive Order," directive, instruction and memo should be immediately suspended, every signing statement repudiated, every appointment withdrawn, and every thing the grimy fuckers touched should be burned.

And replace the carpet in the Oval Office, if not the whole WhiteHouse... You could wash Clenis' cum-stains out of the rug with a steam-cleaner. But the amount of blood and shit that's been spilled in there for the last 8 years will require the total replacement. Indeed, it's probably necessary to complete raze the whole place.

Could YOU live where BOTH George Bush and Dick Cheney shed DNA???

Totally Eewwwwwky!


Jay said...

I think the pot you are smoking is a little to strong. Maybe try smoking the inside of banana peels (Don't steal this Book). It's kinda fun reading your rants and rhetoric, but jeez, Hitler is dead. You don't have a force to join.

woody said...

Brotha, I haven't smoked any really GOOD weed in 10 years. As for the rest of your post, hunh?