Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama's Plane Had "Controlability" Issues

Candidate Barack Obama's Campaign plane had "Controlability" issues, and was forced to make an 'unplanned' landing yesterday in St Louis.

"Controlability" Issues? Yeah! The fucker just kept on turning to the Right?

Bernard Chazelle, over at TinyRevolution dot com, quotes impeccable lefty, Robert Dreyfuss, in The Nation, of all places, to chart the "left-wing" candidate's dexterous gyrations:

In The Nation, Robert Dreyfuss lays out Obama's neocon credentials. They are impressive.

The US has no military enemy: only a ragtag band of losers hiding in the caves of Baluchistan. Consequently,
Obama's foreign policy team uniformly dismisses the idea that the Pentagon's bloated budget can be cut, even though, not counting spending on Iraq and Afghanistan, it has nearly doubled since 2000 and is roughly equal to the military spending of all other countries combined.

Echoing Richard Perle,
Obama promises to increase Pentagon spending, boost the size of the Army and Marines, bolster the Special Forces, expand intelligence agencies and maintain the hundreds of US military bases that dot the globe.
Wars don't fight themselves, you know. They make heavy demands on nations: they demand lies, deception, greed, blood lust, paranoia, and, most important, cannon fodder. Wars might take us out of our economic doldrums. Did you know that French unemployment went down by 1.7 million in WWI? Yep, that's how many of the unemployed were killed on the battlefield.

There's plenty more, and it's all damning, as far as the predictable synonymy of "Dim" and "GOP" foreign policy matters at all.

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