Thursday, April 11, 2013

TBGO: Air-time; Ding-Dong, A Point Taken

This Got A Lotta Play Today:
Woody reckonz: Even IF Prez. LowBar's trying to play 9-dimension checkers with the GOPhux, offering something in the hopes they refuse, the fact that he offered it (howsoever cynically) suggest to me the willingness to do it, anyway.

Ding Dong!
I'm not happy about her death, but I'm not going to celebrate her life. Thatcher was on the wrong side of a lot of nastiness. There was a reason she got her ass booted by her own party.

The Dickens: When true villains expire, the victims are entitled to vent their rage, fury, and frustration. I don't bvelieve in ANY of this "Do not speak ill oif the dead," if the dead were public figures who fucked with other people's lives.
Thatcher wasn't merely "on the wrong side of a lot of nastiness."
She was the fucking SOURCE of most of it; the author of more misery in Britain (and elsewhere) than anyone since the bad old days of Dickensian fiction; but the bitch wasn't satisfied with fiction, she made that shit REAL!

A Small Point:

The flaw in the ointment here should be obvious: Prez LowBar will never face the electorate again. Two and done. That's how we do it these days. So there is no effective sanction on his behavior, no matter how destructive it turns out to be. All that matters now is "The LEGACY!"

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