Friday, April 5, 2013

TBGO: Squares; Breezes; Possibility; Austerity;

The Meaning of Is:
SQUARES: How Many Squares are there?

96% Failed this test. Can you answer it? How many squares are there???

It depends.
Nine inside the one larger, surrounding figure. If "Square = a two-dimensional shape of four, equilateral, connected sides." If not, then the sky's the limit...
Oh, well, then, if we're supposed to take the question literally, in fact there are none in the match-stick image, because none of the match-stick corner
s are joined.
But if we're supposed to count "square-suggestive" absences, there are six more, composed where four matchsticks don't touch.

Or, only one, if you count the square which contains the whole image, which is the only one all of whose sides are connected, in the original puzzle on Fbook.
But you COULD go "super-literal," and only count the word "squares," in which case there'd be three.

Depends on what the meaning of is is, as Prez. Clenis so adroitly testified during his impeachment hearings.


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