Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TBGO: Bombed in Boston

Words of Encouragement: 

Okay...That's cool...The victims of the Boston Bombing should be in our thoughts!

But what about those town in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and elsewhere where folks were murdered and/mutilated by USer Hellfire missiles fired by drones operated by homicidal nerds and geeks in USer AF and Army uniforms an ocean and a half away? There were 30 more, in a wedding party, just Sunday...

Gonna put up a poster for them. too? Hang on Khandahar!
Jus' axin'...

The whole affair sounds like amateur, right-wing, wannabe terrorists to me; though if it is, it will be REPORTED as the work of a lone lunatic ACTING ALONE with NO connections to ANY other white people.

But consider: April 15, Tax day; it's state holiday ("Patriot Day," honoring the first Rebels, at Lexington & Concord, an iconic kinda "don't tread on me" sorta day ), so the GUMMINT offices will be closed and (black) people will be in the street, as easy targets.

And don't forget what the "TEA" in Tea-bagger means: "Taxed Enough Already." 

Now add echoes of gun-goonery to the frothy mix, as the 26 victims of the Newtown massacre were honored and their survivors seated at the finish of the 26-mile race, where at least one of the bombs exploded.

And on top that, there's the month of APRIL! Not only the Amreican Revolution begun, but also Columbine and VA Tech mass slayings, the bombing in Oklahoma City,  the shootr-out at Waco. Wait: There's more. The American Revolution began this week, so did the American Civil War, and the Bosnian War. Still think this is coincidence? Add the Rwandan Genocide and the Armenian Genocide to the list. Also, Abraham Lincoln was shot this week.Think about it...

(Thinking Disclaimer: Woody reckonz, you prolly don't wanna get me thinking, but once it happens, I am not responsible for what ensues:)

Well, I started wondering, in the shadow of the (actually a really small amount of) blood and death and and destruction in Boston, yesterday, about the folks arguing for "revolution" to overthrow the GUMMINT!

As terror strikes and revolutionary gestures go, the Boston Bombing was small potatoes: Only two, small, apparently quite amateurish, bombs randomly and (for terror purposes) ineffectively detonated in only one city?

Multiply it; exponentialize it; think Syria or Libya. Hell, there were more than 10 car-bomb explosions around Iraq yesterday, and 55 dead, with hundreds more injured.

Are you willing to go THERE? You wanna go that far?

Cuz THAT's probably what it would take to dislodge the Plutocrats; and then you'd only be replacing them.

Are ya up for that? Really?

Cuz even if the rebels may be "peaceful," those whom the revolution will displace almost NEVER are.

Me: I'd really rather NOT have to awaken to charred bodies in the streets, smoldering wrecks of burned-out cars, razed buildings, and the stench of death in the air.

It was suggested that my attitude betrayed a subtle indifference to suffering. But I disagree. 

My ONLY reservation about the public replies to the events is that the INEVITABLE, vengeful, breast-beating and remorse will morph into more jingoistic exceptionalism conducted by, and be accompanied by absolutely NO--zero, nada, zilch--public discussion over the fact that which was so tragic in Boston is no less so in fly-specked, adobe village in Central Asia. 

I don't dismiss the tragedy/ies in Boston, but only seek to contextualize them. Prez LowBar C. Shamwow, when he addresses these needless deaths, will NOT also mention the (at minimum) several thousand Central Asians who have suffered the ignominy of collateral damage. I don't think bereavement entitles anybody to such a free pass.
Your mileage may vary...

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