Monday, April 29, 2013

TBGO: Premium; Bad Meme; Pablum From Perfesser Reich

Weapons of Missing Destruction?
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Bad Meme A'Risin':

Caveat Lector: (Posting this "meme" for illustrative purposes only, because it demonstrates the slipperiness of the form.)
I was with 'em right up to the last minute, the last item, where it all falls apart on the assertion that "Ron Paul" represents the acme, the apogee of the propriety of such sentiments.
Fuck Ron Paul--and Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan, and Ayn Rand--and the whole lot of authoritarian Liberturds.
Ron Paul and that ilk are "selective" Constitutionalist, at best. Like Xian Fundies finding sin in their Bible, these faux-Libertarians pick and choose the parts of the Constitution they revere and support.
If one believes that corpoRats can and will effectively self-regulate to preserve the public interest, health, and welfare without governmental oversight; or if one believes the "several States" will reliably protect the rights of the least powerful and most despised of their citizens, then it would be natural to support Ron Paul or his ilk.
Neither of which can be demonstrated with evidence on THIS planet.
Hence, I believe that professing such sentiments should automatically disqualify anyone from either parenthood or operating dangerous mechanical devices such as automobiles, power tools, or firearms.

The Reich Stuff: More think-positive pablum from the perfesser:

Pro-Puppy!: Almost any day, former Clinton Labor Secretary, Lil Bobbie Reich can be relied upon to produce an hortatory tome imploring the "people" to "resist" the corp[oRat evils which befall them like bums in a rain-gutter. His recommendations are ALWAYS sensible--getting big money out of politics, etc.--and include fearless excursions into the painfully obvious. 
But they always leave a taste of gall.
Please, exalted and honorable Sir?
Can you tell us HOW this is supposed to happen? HOW are "we" gonna get the Big Money away from our politics?
In simple terms, so even someone like me can understand, please?
You KNOW "we" cannot do it legislatively, because the legislatures and legislators--all of them--are bought-and-paid-for, wholly-owned properties of the people who profit ENORMOUSLY from the current arrangements and will move heaven and earth to prevent any reforms--and have the money, influence, and power to do it.
So, if you have even the teeniest, slightes idea, would you please share it with the proles?
 Equal rights for gays, etc, doesn't actually CHANGE anything.
It's "safe" reform, since it doesn't alter any power arrangements, or upset any economic balances. Marriage, one way or the other, isn't gonna influence carbon use or production, the wars, the job picture, or anything else of real significance...
Voting is lovely, but it's mostly a pro-forma exercise preserved by the bosses and oligarchs to lend the patina of legitimacy to their anti-democratic coup d'etat.

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