Monday, April 8, 2013

TBGO: Leakages;

A Difference That Makes A Difference:

CRUCIAL!: This seems to me to be a crucial distinction which is all too often completely lost on our "religious" fellow country-persons.
You are perfectly welcome and FREE!!!! to worship exactly as YOU please, in your own home or church. But WE, your fellow country-folk, are under absolutely NO obligation--moral, social, or ethical--either to agree with you, or to enshrine you idiosyncratic superstitions into our laws.
Got that?

Save the USPS!
The Postal Service Is Not Bankrupt, It's Being Starved In Attempt To Privatize It.
#1U #APWU Thanks What Now Cartoons:
Raygunomics: The all-out, decades-long, yet subtle, and silently and slowly debilitating attack on the workers at the USPS was Don Regan's doing, begun during the Reagan "counter-reformation."

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