Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TBGO: "Ah Yip-yip-yip-yip, booom-boom-boom-bom-NAH!"

Getta JOB (Na-na-na-na):

Woody sez: Yup. The 'jobs' will come back, but not until American wages/expectations have been driven DOWN far enough, and conditions for workers overseas have RISEN enough, that it is 'economically feasible' to bring them back.
Keeping the minimum wage LOW will be an important factor, as will the continued destruction of organized labor.
But they're definitely WORKING on it.

Round Trippers:

Before she was appointed to head the SEC, Mary Jo White was a Wall Street defense attorney who worked for JP Morgan:
Before she was appointed to head the SEC, Mary Jo White was a Wall Street defense attorney who worked for JP Morgan:

Betcha: The odds are 99.99999 percent, against, that this amiable and chipper-looking, financial "fireball femme, will ever SERIOUSLY regulate the industry back to which she will be returning in a couple of years--if she doesn't check out, first. The only way she will NOT return to the 'industry' would be death or major disability.
Revolving door, see?
Hot-shot corpoRat litigator takes a semi-sabbatical in Gummint to brush up on the regs and reacquaint with the ways to get around them, thence BACK to the Industry; in effect, industrial espionage agents.
I've said before: People who are in leadership/directorial positions in Gummint bureaucracy should be prohibited, by law, on penalty of imprisonment (and literal pillorying), from advising the industry they formerly regulated, for at LEAST 10 years.
Use the carrot, too: A big severance bonus when they leave an agency or a department. Offer to 'retrain' 'em, give 'em new skills. That's what THEY do to us peons.,
But all largess extended SOLELY on the proviso that, should the recipient violate the terms of separation, the entire amount would be recoverable, from the estate if need be.
I know it is impracticable. But it is the only cure for and/or prophylactic against the otherwise inevitable (already fait accomplis, probably, anyway...) wholesale capture of the regulatory bureaucracy by Industry. 

 WIDE Spectrum Disorder:
One thing important is to distinguish between 'prevention' and 'cure.'
I am sympathetic with the plights of people diagnosed as autistic. I'm 99% sure it would have been said about me in my youth.
Autism is a fantastically wide-spectrum diagnosis. Therefore, there is no more a "cure" for autism than there is a 'cure for cancer, another 'wide spectrum' disorder (e.g.: the "cancer' which attacks a woman's breasts is NOT the same bug as that which attacks a man's prostate; kidney and lung cancer are not the same thing, etc.).
So, logically, there is no single factor which could be isolated and "cured." Especially since BOTH have environmental components, including nearly 100 THOUSAND "artificial" chemical compounds released into out lives since around 1940.
Someone accused me of "giving up."  Which is a common dodge when one approaches an emotional topic logically.
I'm saying the "search for a cure" is basically a fund-raising maneuver.
Treat specific instances as well as possible.
But don't use the "promise" of a cure to gin up money bureaucratic bullshit!
These foundations, like all foundations, only pursue 'real medicine' unitl they generate an executrive director.
Then they cease being causes and begin to be 'programs," the sole purpose of which is survival  of the executive director's job.
Treat specific instances as well as possible. Search for the chemical or biological or genetic triggers, and perhaps reduce or eliminate some of them.
But don't use the "promise" of a cure to gin up money which will mostly go to bureaucratic bullshit!
There's a name for the "search for a cure" fund-raising scam. It's called,the March of Dimes syndrome. 
 Remember how the March of Dimes was founded to "cure" polio? Then Drs. Salk and Sabin developed their vaccines and poliomyelitis, or infantile paralysis, was for all practical purposes extinct on planet Earth. The March of Dimes had done its job and should have been shut down.
But, No-oh! 

It is too easy and too lucrative a gig just to walk away from, so the con-artists running the "charity" re-tooled, refocused and rebranded the March of Dimes on a "disease" that will never be "cured," OR p[revented: Birth Defects! 
And the Dimes March On!
P.S.:  In my day, "autism" was unknown, but thje symptoms were also regarded as contributrory to "delinquency," which was "cured" (or "treated") by threats of reform school.


Woody regards "Busy" is one of those 'protestant' virtues associated with the 'puritan ethic.' Without a single iota of which I was born.
 People in the professioriate, my terminal "career," tend to stay pretty "busy," which was probably one reason why I was expelled, because I don't.
I'm fundamentally lazy. I view inertia as a survival trait; my ph.d. is in Indolence. My favorite state is Entropy (then a tie betwen NM and CA).
 I'm not "busy." Just go away, alright? Thanks...

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