Thursday, October 9, 2008

Middull Murka Speaks (Haltingly, In Small Words, And Not Without Some Difficulty)

Paradigm cases of the most vulgar kinds of toxic Middull Murkin Whitardity...This is what critics mean when they say racism is endemic in USer "culture." For further examples, read the comments accompanying the text by the filmmaker.

And here, too, in both places, and not incidentally, is the solid, irrebuttable evidence of a claim I've been making (NOT endorsing, just saying) for all year, since Obama became a serious force, based on my extensive readings of the zeitgeist: That (White) Middull Murka is NOT NO WAY ready for, nor is it at ALL happy about the prospect of, ITS president being some uppity, big-city kneegrow with big ears, big teeth and a funny name--and noKINDA way with anything even rhyming with "Hussein" anywhere in it.

This is the GOPuke strategy, through and through: You CAN'T vote for the Kneegrow...!!!!!Fed by the inexorable march to provide every white voter in the country with a guilt-absolving, deniably plausible "reason" for not voting for the kneegrow. They don't want or expect to get Obama voters; they just want to keep 'em away from the polls, which they'll do by threats, if it comes to that. And mebbe it will...

Btw: Isn't the smirk probably the most repellant of human expressions?

(I pinched the vid off My Left Wing DOTOF™ to MaryScottO'C.)

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