Saturday, October 25, 2008

Makes a fella proud to be a Murkin!!!

This blog has hosted every vid I find illustrating the vicious stupidity of Middull Murka. Here's a new one.
(DOTOF™ to Driftglass, that unequalled paragon of the photoshop and inchoate rage)
This “race” is about nothing BUT Race.

The “Left” wants to make it a referendum on Bushevism/neo-con assholery, but with a black man at the top of one of the only two tickets that can be ‘elected,’ this was always gonna be about race. If Hillary had been the candidate, the race would have been about ‘gender.’ Which is why whichever one was the eventual nominee virtually was required to name the other as running mate, and why Obama’s failure to do so was both a tactical and a strategic mistake.

Race, more than any other social marker, dominates discourse in the USofA. It’s (justifiably) the default critically interpretive position. Nothing like a presidential election has EVER focused the national attention on the matter before. Not MLK’s assassination, not the civil rights movement. Nothing other than having a Black president has ever promised to make white people, especially the ones i call “MiddullMerkins,” confront the full consequences of successful integration, and their resistance to it.

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