Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't Listen For The "Sweet Voice of Reason"

in the voices of those folks caught with their bigotry showing in vids like the one below and this one which is its sequel and is no easier to watch. Stuff like this makes me uneasy, cuz these folks are such easy targets for fascist demagoguery.

On another blog this morning, one commentor cried: "They betray the founding father’s dream of a rational democracy."

To which I replied:
In a word, so to speak, you’ve identified the whole purpose of the USer Information/Entertainment/Education/Propaganda project over the last 75 years.

Rationality is utter anathema to the propagandists of the CorpoRat State. There has been a conscious effort to drive it OUT of the schools for at LEAST the last 30 years.

The success of the campaign to eject rationality from the public sphere is the absolute apogee of state propaganda campaigns for EVER, the paradigm case, the utmost exemplar, unmatched, unparalleled anywhere in history.

Vistiges of reason hang on in some places, but the temper of the USer “public” is distinctly irrational, as the fascination with celebrity, the continued ‘debates’ over evolution/creation, and the campaign to ‘dispute’ global, anthropogenic climate change all demonstrate.

Reason has NOTHING to do with the terrifying revelations the subjects of these vids are endeavoring to conceal...The videographer's probably lucky he didn't get cocked a couple of times. That crowd's capable of it...

(DOTOF™ to my southwestern pal asqv, at WWL.)

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