Monday, October 27, 2008

Is The Climate Fixed, The Water & Air Cleaned Up?

You'd think so if you thought for a moment about where those issues were in the Presidential "debates."

Did any of the "moderators" or 'citizens' either for that matter, ask a single question?

McCumstain is an avid proponent of more conventional energy development, including more Nukes, more (oxymoronically labeled) "Clean Coal," and "Drill Here, Drill Now."

Obama, the Candidate For Change, is also firmly in the pocket of "conventional energy," supporting ethanol for fuel, and (ever oxymoronic) "Clean Coal" for electricity.

The question also occurred to Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo, who put up a compendium of recent stories about the great disappearing climate stories yesterday:
environmental news sunday

protecting the planet. as the seemingly endless presidential campaign season winds down, attention has focused on bread-and-butter issues: the economy, jobs, taxes, health care. no one is uttering a word about clean air, water, land conservation, global warming, endangered species. gainesville times

coal's time bomb. every year, south carolina's power plants burn enough coal to fill 10 large football stadiums, leaving behind a stadium-size pile of toxic ash.- charleston post and courier

reports of toxic spills spiking. rural counties struggle to respond to calls, and cleanup often is left to the polluters. (good luck widdat. ed)denver post

europe's secret plan to boost gm crop production. gordon brown and other european leaders are secretly preparing an unprecedented campaign to spread gm crops and foods (so-called "frankenseeds and frankenfood") in britain and throughout the continent, confidential documents reveal. there is a LOT of resistance to the introductions among European farmers - london independent

palin pipeline terms curbed bids. gov. sarah palin's signature accomplishment - a contract to build a 1,715-mile pipeline to bring natural gas from alaska to the lower 48 - emerged from a flawed bidding process that narrowed the field to a company with ties to her administration, an associated press investigation shows. - ap

sioux honey, researchers probe bee colony collapse. billions of honey bees nationwide have checked out of their hives, never to be seen again. - sioux city journal,

where have the orcas gone? the disappearance of seven orcas from b.c. coastal waters is being blamed on a "double whammy" of low chinook salmon numbers and toxins being dumped in the ocean. - vancouver province,

scottish dolphins becoming endangered species. dolphins are in danger of disappearing from the Scottish coast as temperature rises and food shortages drive them away. - edinburgh scotsman

saving the working class with green-collar jobs. van jones, a charismatic 40-year-old yale law school grad who has emerged as a major green star over the past year, argues that environmentalism won't just be about the environment anymore. - time magazine.
Some cretinous, brain-dead executive fucknozzle from Duke Energy a couple of weeks ago said the country had a choice: we can have an economy now, or our heirs can have a liveable planet. But, apparently not both. I reckon you know what side he came down on, innit?

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