Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Is It About The Right-Wing Fucktard Commentariat and Their Assholes?

Everybody knows the original of the type, Rush "Rusty" Limbaugh, who claimed to permanent immunity from participating in the draft during the Vietnam ICORP because of a pilonidal cyst, only to later turn having a mad, infected hair up his rectum into a Right-wing asset, so to speak.

Now comes word that Glenn Beck, CNN's answer to Hermann Goering, was a hemorrhoid underwent a serious bout of hemorrhoids, which landed him in the hospital, where he apparently believes he received substantially less than the honorific treatment he was due as a Gauleiter of the 101st Chairborne at a local emergency room. Rumors that his hemorrhoids erupted when he tried to pull his head out of his ass at the close of one of his low-rated scum-fests wrapped on a recent night, are false, according to a CNN spokesperson...

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