Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Re: Ron Paul

I won't have much to say about him or his supporters, all of whom I regard as fundamentally retarded in important ways.

However, I did post the following note on th comments board at Carpetbaggerreport:
In the wondrous, exhaustive “Iron-Men/Wooden-Ships” saga of Nelson's navy in the Napoleonic wars, by Patrick O’Brian, toasts aboard HMS Surprise (and other vessels under Jack Aubrey’s command) often offer a toast to the King and “Confusion to the Emperor,” meaning Napoleon.

It is in that mood of wishing confusion upon an enemy that I encourage the RonPaul entourage--naifs, and scumtards alike--to press forwards with their futile, quixotic quest because, if nothing else, it may generate confusion in the ranks of the GOPhux, cause crises in their morale, and disrupt the flow of funds to their coffers.

So, though I do not think Paul himself is sufficiently qualified to suck runny dog-shit through a Flavo-straw, and wouldn’t vote for him to do so even if it were a national office, I am gratified that both he and Huckleberry are in there poking sticks into the spokes of the GOPhuque machine.

Anything that hinders them helps the opposition, of which I count myself a loud and loyal member.

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