Monday, January 21, 2008

The Democratic Senate: Gutless Enablers or Sold-Out Co-Conspirators? Hmmmmm?

The Bushevik Crime Cabal has put forth the name of yet another despicable, gynophobic, oppressive Neo-con fertilogue, one Richard Honaker, as a candidate for a life-time seat on a federal appeals court.

If Honaker's anticipated life-span were equivalent to the vermin he most closely resembles in his opinions, one might not oppose the nomination, on 'humanitarian' grounds: his like don't live long anyway. Unfortunately, the rabidly "pro-life" Honaker has inherited some human dna along with his less attractive antecedents.

We are entitled by our (shredded, almost unrecognizable) Constitution the right to petition for the relief of grievances. Honaker is a walking, breathing, shitting grievance. If you have the energy, still, write you Senator to protest this travesty. The Senate should not be complicit in any FURTHER packing of the Federal judiciary with reactionism.
Unless they agree.
If that's the case, the owe it to the 'folks' to tell us.

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