Monday, January 7, 2008

I Don't Want Dem Candidates Promising To "Build Bridges" to Vicious, Racist, anti-democratic GOPhux

Over on Driftglass's site:
At 9:33 PM , Anonymous PhysioProf said...

PhysioProf's official bipartisanship policy:

I don’t want my party to “build bridges” to the psychopathic racist sexist authoritarian sick fucks that are the remaining dregs of the Republican Party. I want my party to adopt a clear unambiguous progressive platform that repudiates all of the pathology of the degenerate Republican Party.

To the extent that there are any Republicans who are sick of the depravity of their party, and not too addled to recognize that it is their party that has single-handedly created the national clusterfuck we are currently embroiled in, they are welcome to join us. Otherwise, they can all go fuck themselves.

Which I would amend thusly:
To the extent that there are "Republicans" who are sick of the depravity of their Party, its leaders, its platform, and its agenda, AND are willing to repudiate it in all its manifestations and signs,AND will admit their complicity in the fucked-up conditions in which the country finds itself as a result of their blind, stupid, arrogant bullshit, I will tentatively welcome them into BACK the ranks of the Reality-based humanity, on a trial basis, on the proviso that any back-sliding will result in instant deportation to Trent Lott's outhouse.

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