Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is There A "False" Assumption Embedded In The "Change" Motif?

That assumption is that the Dims, or some "new" Dim president, actually will inaugurate a 'reformation' of the practices instituted by the Bushevik cabal which have stripped away increasingly vast swaths of citizens' personal privacy, security, and autonomy over the previous 8 years.

I believe nothing could be further from the truth.

I think/fear/forebode the next president will do everything in her or his power not only to hold onto the powers the Bush cabal have grabbed from the Legislative, but will work to consolidate and expand those powers. Whomsoever she or he is, they will not relieve the country of ever-more intrusive, comprehensive surveillance, for example, because surveillance is essential to the propogation and maintenance of an increasingly coersive, authoritarian CorpoRatocracy, which it is the sworn duty of every National Elected Official to serve, grow, and maintain. They won't retreat from the borders the Bushies have pressed, but will inevitably press further for more and more power.

So they will find a more benevolent spin for it. Perhaps a surge in the prevention of 'identity theft,' instead of the terrorism motif? I don't know, but I do know they won't willingly or gladly relinquish even a dram of the power now vested in the "unitary Executive," they won't eschew it, they won't abandon it, they won't weaken it. They just won't.

And there is no will in the Congress to retrieve it, the congress being in effective unison with the Executive on the desireability of the Nationa Security State, the "unitary Executive," and the authoritarian CorporatocRatsee. In 232 years, the Executive has NEVER ceded back to the Legislative any power it has assumed.

And here's where the beauty/genius comes in: because, of course, by refraining from bringing impeachment against the Busheviks, the Dims have helped to ensure there is no longer any institution left in the law of the country to compel them to do it, either.

Purty fuuking shrewd, nest paw?

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