Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Law Requiring Voter ID Comes Up For Argument In SCROTUS Today

Via CabDrollery (thanx, Diane):
On Wednesday the Court will hear arguments on a case challenging an Indiana law requiring a current state issued photo identification card in order to cast a ballot. At the heart of the case is a 61 year old woman who was not allowed to cast a regular ballot using the forms of identification she had used for years: a utility bill, a letter directed to her from the Social Security Administration, and an expired Indiana driver's license, according to this article in today's NY Times.

The timing of the case is important: the Supreme Court decision should be out by June, which means it will affect the rules in place for the 2008 election. Supporters on both sides of the issue recognize this.
The thing to remember is the Iron Law Of Electoral Reform (ILER): No pol EVER wants to see voting made easier because, though it might mean more voters for themselves, it could also mean more votes for a potential opponent.
Ergo, no pol ever wants to see changes in the rules under which they themselves were 'elected.'

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