Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nobody Takes You Really Seriously As An "Oppressor-State" Til You've Got "State Security Police Apparatus" For Dissidents

Silly me, I used to think the USer Interior Army might be the National Guard, and that the Bush Cabal had deployed so many members of the Guard to Iraq to 'bloody' them and get them used to taking orders to shoot 'extremists' or 'insurgents' on command.

But I had reckoned without the magic of the marketplace. Rather than relay on members of the Guard to foresake their loyalty to their communities and open fire on command no matter the targets, the Bush Cabal solves the problem by enlisting 'private security firms' whose operatives have, ipso facto, forsaken any such loyalties for the employers' cash.

The threats and dangers, both implied and real, of Blackwater's rise to power have not been widely enough told, much less deeply enough explored amid the myriad hours of coverage by the mainstream media. So Truthout's Geoff Millard sat down with Jeremy Scahill, author of a new book on the mercenary firm. In this interview, Scahill delves deep into the real dangers of a private mercenary army as powerful as Blackwater.

It is well to recall that Goering's SA/SS started out as a private (Partei) army of disaffected, former military thugs and gunsels, too.

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