Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alternet Asks: "Will Democrats Restore Our Liberties Stolen in the Bush Era?" Short Answer: "Yeah, Right!"

Repealing the Patriot Act, ending warrantless wiretapping, restoring habeas corpus -- have Democratic leaders figured out that these are winning issues in the aftermath of Bush's power grab?

Ari Melber, AlterNet (posted November 10, 2007) sez: "Yes and no, maybe, if you're lucky."

Most rank-and-file Democrats strongly support constitutional rights, from grizzled ACLU liberals to Iowa Caucus voters to MoveOn's web enthusiasts, and the issue regularly competes with Iraq as a top priority for party activists. Yet Democratic leaders are much more ambivalent. The Democratic Congress buckled in its largest civil liberties clash with the White House, passing legislation to expand warrantless spying in August. And while Democratic presidential contenders are better -- they all opposed the surveillance bill and the administration's unconstitutional Military Commissions Act -- few have used the full power of their office to advocate constitutional rights. As the Bush era of radical secrecy, unitary executive power and openly unconstitutional leadership draws to a close, the Democrats are still debating how to restore rights and liberties while waging a more effective battle against terrorists.
Both Hillary and Obama say they''ll restore Habeas Corpus. Well I should FUCKING HOPE SO...

The real question is: Why would it even be an issue? And Obama says he supports Chris Dodd's bill (we'll see: Obama is a Dem Specter on a lot of issues, full of rhetoric and bluster, but significantly lacking when it comes to votes).

So I do NOT expect prompt, effective action on restoring the Fourth Amendment front after the coming election. The Fourth Amendment is the fundamental piece of the protections that shield the People form the o'erweaning desires of the State. Nobody in power, and almost nobody who seeks power, now REALLY wants to see a strong Fourth (or 14th) Amendment. Take it to de bank, chers...

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