Friday, November 9, 2007

If I Had Children, I Might Feel Strongly Enough To Take The Law Into My Own Hands

Arthur Silber writes (you read!): Consider:
This is where we've come: two criminal gangs run the United States from Washington. Neither of them understands the supreme and sacred value of an individual human life. Neither understands any matter of principle relating to liberty or peace. Both of them are intent upon power, no matter how many innocent people must die, and regardless of how many countries must be destroyed, including our own.<[p>This is your government today. Two murdering, thieving, plundering, power-mad gangs, both of which deserve the worst fate that can be imagined. These are the people who will rule you for years to come.

This is our national life now -- and this is your future.

The Franchise, the fundamental power of the People to rein in elected officials, was insufficient (predictably, given the economic culture of unrestrained, predatory capitalism that dominates ALL aspects of USer society) to prevent these criminal/civic abominations. It will also (again predictably, and for the same reason) be insufficient to provide remedies to stop or reverse them. What it will require is blood in the streets, heads on pikes, and a plethora of dime-sized fucking holes freely distributed among the complicit fux who refuse to honor their commitments (that's why they call it an "OATH," you fucking asshwholes!@) to preserve and defend the Constitution, goddamn it!.

The government of the People is not homologous with the management of a firm. In 'bidness,' gaming the system works because 'everybody' games the system; people go out of bidness who aren't either good or willing; which is why 'bidness ethics' is such a reliably laughable oxymoron.

But governing the People? That CAN only work when folks who know how to game the System have sufficient honor to refrain. If they don't, they should not be IN "government," and probably they should be in prison, in exile, or dead. Such are the stakes when you game (an euphemism for 'betray') the People.

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