Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dunno Know If Anybody EVER Believed It, But Murkins Usta SAY It Were Better That 20 Guilty Men Go Free Than That 1 Innocent Man Be Unjustly Imprisoned

That's now regarded as mainly exceptionalist propaganda/bullshit promulgated for the benefit of children and other naifs, as well as certain deluded exogenes who have no way of knowing any better.

The merest glance is enough to assure the observer that this is NOT the way that USer Jurisprudence functions today. On a program called "HumanKind," radio folks spoke with a Chicago-based attorney/reporter, Rob Warden, director of the Northwestern University Innocence Project, whose efforts have led to the release of many DOZENS of innocent people whose innocence Warden led the drive to prove, including no fewer than SIX who were on death row. Warden cited USDoJ documents which indicate as many as 1 person in 10 (10%) of those now serving prison sentences probably were innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted and sentenced.

And I recall a study reported several years ago by The Nation which indicated that over 65% of USers do NOT find it unacceptable that an innocent person should be executed by the State, if in doing so it preserves the death penalty.

This is one majorly fucked-up country, folks, if the people so easily accept the wrongful imprisonment, much less the execution, of an innocent person by the State as an acceptable price for the "convenience" of having a Death Penalty.

But, since 1980, and the so-called Reagan Revolution, this is/has become such fucked-up country in so many ways, mebbe one more way doesn't matter.

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