Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another burst of interest in my posts in which I featured the Fallujah Bridge photo.

These things come in waves. There have been 41 hits on this site this morning already, more than half of which have been directed thence by searches for a particular image: the charred, mutilated corpses of the four Blackwater mercs ambushed, killed and desecrated in Fallujah, Iraq, in early 2005, hanging from the girders of that bridge while exultant 'insurgents' smile and mug before the camera.

That event was the primary trigger for the unrestrained USer military assault on the city some months later, the city's eventual reduction to mainly ruins, and the deaths of uncounted innocent Iraqi civilians. If not in scale, at least in intent, the USer razing of Fallujah approaches the 1937 Japanese rape of Nanjing in the annals of needless slaughter and savage war-criminality.

These searches have resulted, in my case, in unexpectedly high numbers of hits. Not that I'm complaining; mebbe somebody comes looking for a gruesome photo, but comes back for the perverse profanity, obscene obloquy, and/or eloquent epithet...Anyway, welcome (I guess)...

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