Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ya, Basta!: Just Stay Wherever The Fuck You Are


Albuquerque's really a pit. You wouldn't like it here. Too windy, too dry. Ladies, you skin will eventually resemble aged lumber. We're a great terror target, too. Fewer than 30 miles to Los Alamos, Murka's 'nukular heartland.' Plus there's a big defense Lab right in the city, too. And the bunkers on the airport, under the shadow of the Monzano Mts? Storage for the majority of Murka's tactical Nukes. Really...

You'd hate it. Beautiful sunsets don't compensate for the poor wages, the sprawl; the Gangs. It's bi-lingual. Billboards in Spanih. It's real dusty. There are rattlesnakes; Coyotes; Mountain lions; Bears. And REALLY stupid drivers.

And GAYS! Teh Gay is here in force! Lesbians everywhere!

Besides, there's not enough water here for those of us already here. And the supply is diminishing all the time. And there's a LOT of Govt' interference, because of the Indians and their reservations.

You wouldn't like it here.


So don't even THINK about it. Ya, basta! Salga! Vuelva! ¡¡Sí, ese le significa!

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Alexandra said...

Oh yeah, just try to stop me. It's the motherland.