Monday, November 10, 2008

Did The GOPukes "Throw" the Election? Probably...

I know this is a perilous suggestion, given the euphoria and triumphalism of the Obama 'victory.'

But, for the life of me, I cannot escape the impression that the Pukes, looking at the incredible array of intractable clusterfucks that is the only 'legacy' of the Busheviks' tenure, decided they just wanted to be DONE with it all, silently and subtly threw the whole thing to the Dims, and walked away, giggling with relief and anticipation of the impending melt-down of the Democrats in the toils of the impossible situation the Bushies left behind.

How ELSE do you explain Sarah Palin? Her future prospects notwithstanding, Palin was an appalling choice as a running-mate. It tests credulity to the maximum to believe she was any kind of a rational choice. McCain's continuous and increasingly egregious bungling, mis-steps and mis-statements were just distractions. The racially tinged vileness of the campaign, and the rest?

I think they just invested enough into the race to make it SEEM like they were contesting the thing, but in reality, washing their hands of the whole mess (which they, having created it ALL, were eager to now abjure), secure in the knowledge that the conditions they were leaving behind would defeat the "Risen Messiah," to say nothing of a mere mortal with a bare margin in the Congress, composed of fractious, incompatible elements and irreconcilable interests, and opposed by a nearly monolithic, disciplined Puke minority which will NEVER negotiate in 'good faith' or in any way assist the 'change' agenda on the basis of which Obama won his historic, albeit slender, victory.

I more or less predicted this outcome/scenario early this year...


Lamb Cannon said...

did you see the repuke who is in charge of squandering the $700 billion giveaway?

ex-Rove asshole in cowboy hat--this is the douche who is responsible for throwing the money down the toilet.

like the flavor of your slice of the pie?

Alexandra said...

Yes I think they threw it. Palin is a reason but so is McCain. They didn't have a single viable (or sane) candidate.