Friday, November 21, 2008

The Chimperor Is Both A Smarmy Pimp and Tiny Shrimp

The Bushies have been lying again/still/all along.

Every bio of the turd-licking, dishonest, vicious little shitwhistle Bush says he's "five feet, eleven and three-quarters" in height.

Nah. No fucking way he's even CLOSE to 6 feet...

Yo, regardez-vous the foto above: Obama's bio says he's 6'1, plus (1.87 m). He TOWERS over the smarmy, smirking, strutting, simpering, shrimpy Chimp a good three inches. The top of the Chimp's head barely comes to Obama's eyebrows...

Up til now, the shrimpy Chimps pimps have never shown him in company with anyone tall. He had a fucking box to stand on in the debates w/Kerry, who is a LEGIT 6'3+.

I'll take my schadenfreude any-fucking-where I can find it, thank you...

Oh, yeah, and by the way: Would somebody dump a load of dog-shit all over the Bushster once he's out of the ShiteHouse? Or just cow-manure? a rotten egg? Anything at all that would make the motherfucker crawl as small as his shrunken soul?


ignorant redneck said...

I don't like George Bush. I didn't vote for him. Ever. I did not and do not think he is up for the job of president.

But, really, you sound like a drunken teenager dissing a rival. You simply hate. It's not enough to disagree, to oppose, you must hate.

So, if you were reading around on the 'net, and found a rant like this directed against President Elect Obama, wouldn't you wonder why someone is calling for a low level assault against a politician?

You need to get a hold of yourself.

Woody said...

Yes. It's true. I hate George Bush. He's a bully, a liar and a coward. I do think he--as well as the rest of his criminal cabal, all of them-- should be heaped with offal whenever he shows his face in public, especially since they are immune from proper retributive justice at the hands of the people whose country they have effectively reduced to wrack and ruin. And I do NOT refer only to Iraq--though I would like to see 'em dumped into downtown Mosul.

If you don't approve of my discourse, please, feel free to imbibe excrement and expire, o-tay?

Anonymous said...

You're right about Chimpy's height. I had the displeasure of meeting him a few years back. I'm only 5'6" and he was barely taller than I.

I had a perfect shot at him too and seriously considered punching him in the face, my fists were clenched, but the thought of treason+ overcame the impulse. However, I still wish I had done it.