Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Remember Monica Goodling?

She was the GOPuke Rightard/Funndie functionary/Bushevik Loyalist installed at the Justice Department whose job it was to vet potential Department 'career-hires' (covered by Civil Service protections) for their ideological purity and Regime loyalty. There were hundreds of them at Justice, before the scam was uncovered in the dust-up over Fredo Gonzales' dismissal. Most STILL remain on the payroll, and will remain there until they either die or retire, because under the rules that were broken to hire them, their jobs are protected from 'political' interference.

Got it? Good.

It would require credulity of an absolutely monumental scale and scope to believe there WEREN'T other "Monicas" in every single Agency, Bureau, Commission, Department and/or Office in the Federal Government, but whose machinations havee NOT been exposed to the light of day. Unquestionably and indubitably, these folks have positioned enclaves (perhaps 'cells' would be a better term) of "God-fearing ('blighted'), GOPuke/Bushevik clones in the works of every Agency, Bureau, Commission, Department and/or Office in Government.

Now it turns out, according to AfterDowningStreet, in the inter-regnum between now and Jan 20, by golly, the Bush administration is embedding hoards of their (frantically loyalist) foot soldiers inside the government in order to sabotage any Obama initiatives while at the same time terminating federal employees who they assume would be supportive of the new administration. And, meanwhile, they're firing people whom they regard as 'enemies' before those 'enemies' can report on the Busheviks' crimes...

(Who could have EVAR predicted? Well, other than me, I mean...)

If it weren't illegal to do so, Mr. Obama's first act as President should be a blanket firing of every employee hired into ANY Government job or position whatsoever since Feb 1, 2001...

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ignorant redneck said...

See, this sort of thinking is why I gave up on the left--you think that what should happen is a return to the old "spoils system" of administration, and wish that the constraints of law weren't interfereing with your agenda.

This is also why I didn't vote for Sen. Obama--his statement that the SCOTUS had "failed to break free of the essential constraints" of constitutional law made me think that here was a man who did not want government bound by law. And the only way we will ever have liberty is if the Government is as bound by law as the people.

When you look at the times that has failed, you get things like the Trail of Tears, or the interment of Japanese Americans in the 40s.