Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Obama Could Thwart The Bushevik Regulation Reversals

On Think Progress today, there's yet another story about the feculent fux in the Bushevik regime who are using the last days of their power to push through regulation changes that are designed to steal the last fucking dollar lying around loose, undermine worker health and safety rules, and roll back environmental protections covering both endangered species and clean air/water standards.

There is nothing short of actual violence to prevent this, apparently. Obama seems to be unable to prevent the Busheviks from these last few crimes during the lame-duck/inter-regnum. There seem to be few legislative solutions, nor any will to effect them.

So it comes down to the people in the Federal Government, the employees, the career people (those not hired by the likes of Monica Goodling, in any case) to take matters into their own hands and thwart the feculent Bushevik fux on the ground, in the bureaus, agencies, commissions and departments.

They need to intentionally violate --that is, ignore-- any and all the new regs. Take individual responsibility. Resist these immoral and hurtful changes.

And Obama himself, in his next radio address, should take the lead in encouraging this stratagem. Using the bully pulpit he's already got, and the fact that nothing he says or does these days goes unreported, he should announce that if HE were an employee in an agency which enforced any of the rules the Busheviks were trying to roll back, he would refuse. And he would document the case, and the regulation, and the replies of any supervisors. And he should announce that he would hold faultless any Federal employee who resisted the further diminishment of the protections that the regulations exist to preserve.

He won't, of course. But he should!

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