Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Obama Blogs, and On Clinton Blogs, And On Media Blogs Generally

...Throughout 'em all, there obtains more or less the same tone: The "corporate Press"--The "Village Scribery"--has decided it's a far better, more hopeful, more promising, more AMERICAN story if the Dem nominee for President is the first black person offered that position by a Major Party than if it were the first female person.

You see, the country is hitting a bad patch and the corporate press is, first and foremost, a bunch of 'home-towners.' The 'home-town' of the pundit class is the mystical, mythical 'shining City on the Hill,' where they are all members, with cards and everything; they're very important people... So the 'home-towners' are plumping for the 'development' that best amplifies and mirrors their own extreme senses of self-importance. At least in the current contest, they've chosen sides with Obama.

Why? Better for the narrative, the exceptionalism thing, obviously... It's no fun being superior to a bunch of lightweights. Far better to be the superior members of a truly ex eptional culture... There's already BEEN women in executive positions in Britain & Germany--to say nothing of Israel & Chile. It's been DONE, for gawd's sake...This is MURKA!

See, nobody in "old" europe has ever installed a racial minority in its ruling sinecure. Was there ever a black Czar? A negro chinese emperor? a nubian greek god?

NO! No, there wasn't.

And with this bold move, the Propaganda State ensures at LEAST another 30 years of 'democracy' bragging rights, and the refurbishment of the myth of exceptionalism which has greased our paths clear to hell already..

And the punditocraps and the Village elders have decided that they shall be the ones who usher in this new wave of USer exceptionalism. As the ship-of-state settles ever lower into the stoprmy seas, they're determined that Obama's mocha countenance on the figurehead will be the last visible thing to sink beneath the waves...

Or so it might seem, sometimes, to one sufficiently skeptical...

And while we're at it: the Obama campaign should be wary of expecting this treatment continuing when the Corporate Press gets its chance to tongue-lave the stiff, riddled prostate of the country's first authentic "War Hero," "Bombin' Johnnie" McCain...

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Anonymous said...

I'd sooner take my chances with him than Clinton. I already know she'd concede the moment the McCain campaign announced victory. Obama might at least wait a few days.