Thursday, May 29, 2008

George "aWol" Bush, Commander in Chimp: The Legacy

The scrupulous and percipient Bernard Chazelle, contributing on Jon Schwarz' lapidary TinyRevolutionDotCom already yesterday had caught this probably MOST revealing moment in Scott McClellan's obligatory, self-vindication cum payday-in-lieu-of-faculty-job that he's not getting, not even at Manhattan (and they have NO standards there). Chazelle:
In Iraq, McClellan added, Bush saw "his opportunity to create a legacy of greatness," something McClellan said Bush has said he believes is only available to wartime presidents.
That sure seems to me to suggest that Bush pushed the country into war in order to become that heroic, war-time leader, the ", Chief. That treads right on the very brink of un-protected self-incrimination. At very least, a logically correct inference must be drawn that, hungering for that 'greatness' legacy, he did NOTHING to avoid war. That alone is a high crime and worthy of sanction.

Furthermore, and beyond that, the revelation does nothing at all to dispel (and could in fact exacerbate) the persistent rumors and suspicions of Bushevik complicity--tacit or overt--in the events that eternally and irreversibly re-shaped the whole idea and practice of popular sovereignty that September morning (which is, if memory serves, with wonderful aptness, the name of the first female douche advertised on teevee).

It wasn't in great shape before. It took a huge beating in the winter of '00/'01, and was still recuperating, slowly. People were beginning to laugh at the Bushies. But it's been mortally wounded and has lain, bleeding out on the pavement, for the most of the last seven years. I am not sure it is revivable. The ambulance is coming, apparently, but already the breathing is shallow and difficult.

And even if revival were possible, the damage done is for all practical purposes irreversible. Only once in 232 years has the Executive ceded back to the Legislature 'emergency powers' it claimed in the course of a 'national emergency.' That once was Washington. I see no Washingtons among the corporate pleasers clamoring for the mink-lined piss-pot in the West Wing. Further, I see no evidence at all among the tiny minds of the SCROTUS Inquisitors that they will undergo any Saulian/Pauline conversions on their roads to Donascus.

Howsoever much it is probable the Chimperor only hastened the inevitable ruination of the Murkin experiment, still in my youth--even then aware of the fragility of the structures and agreements that made our form of Government possible--I never expected to out-live it myself. And my great fear is that that has happened, is happening, right now. And the Busheviks are, in fact, responsible for this final, fatal deterioration.

The place in history to be occupied by the simpering, smirking, strutting, swaggering, smarmy little prick, "aWol" George, is secure: he will NEVER be forgotten, that much is certain.

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