Monday, May 12, 2008

Bushist NCHEETOH** Alert: US Sponsoring Civil Wars In S. America

After more than a century of having its will scrupulously regarded by several generations of vicious, brutal dictatorships, which were propped up as economic bulwarks for USer economic interests and later as allies in the old Cold War, the influence of the USofA may be waning, as a new generation of leftist/nationalist leaders gains power all over Latin America. In consequence of that diminished influence, USer interests are encouraging oligarchic defections from States recently won in popular elections by 'leftist' leaders. An especial target of this strategy appears to be Oscar Moreno of Bolivia.
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(NCHEETO = A short-hand for the standard Bushevik response to a catastrophic fuck-up which also happens to fit perfectly with the greater CorpoRat program to destroy popular sovereignty in the USofA: "Nobody Could Have EVER Expected That Outcome Here ...": e.g., NCHEETOH Iraqi insurgency. NCHEETOH the levees would fail. NCHEETOH etc...)

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