Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can You Say "Coup d'Etat"? "Koo Day Tah" Go On, You Say It

"Koo Day Tah." Now you try it! "Coup d'Etat"...See how easy? Koo-Day-Tah! It just rolls off the palate, innit?.

That's been the true 'mission: accomplished. The Busheviks, acting entirely predictably for authoritarians and nascent totalitarians, appropriated and embellished tragic events of 9/11/01 to enact the final pieces of the puzzle they were appointed to solve: to finally rid the hierarchs and oligarchs of that pesky local, civil/civilian, democratic legacy of the Nation, and to install a corporate/ militaristic regime appropriate for a global Empire.

The Pentagon--the iconic avatar of the Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex--has won. It's conquered the whole of the nation, with barely a shot fired--at least at home...

In the name of 'national security,' 'fighting/preventing terror,' and monitoring potential 'enemies,' every right, every act, every ceremony of 'democracy' has been corrupted by 'national security issues' and privatized for personal gain for the over-class. Even as Europe sheds the arcana of borders and passports as impediments to democratic diversity, the Busheviks have INCREASED the burdens of traveling internationally, even on our own continent. And that's really only the mst trivial example. The reality of the take-over is simply overwheming, and would be difficult to convey, even if the national press corps were NOT lap-dogs of the oppressors.

On Truth-Out, yesterday, Frida Berrigan outlined the metastacization of Pentagon-orrhea. And from here, despite Frida's desperate optimism, it doesn'ty look to me that it's EVER gonna go back.

The real genius of their operation, of course, was the development of the (hegemonic) Internets, into which ephemeral and monitorable bauds and pixels can be directed any and all potentially dangerous resistance to the hegemons, with the additional benefit of having a reliable track back to the malcontents, and a record of their apostasies...

Fuukin brilliant!

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Lamb Cannon said...

on our Khristian Kable Kompany's "basic cable line-up" we get "the Pentagon Channel"... which i would watch if i too was an uncontrollable nimrod