Sunday, April 20, 2008

News From The "Little-Girl-Fucker" Cult In Texas

The Judge in San Angelo issued an order that all the children from the compound will have to undergo DNA testing to determine who their parents are.

This could be the death knell for these sick fux. If there is a limited number of male parents of children, as there will be, the fact of the birth of children to under-age girls, fathered by that limited number of male parents could/should be potent evidence against the fathers in charges of sexual molestation, rape, and other crimes under the doctrine of "res ipso loquitur." Cuz if a 16-year-old girl has a two or three-year-old child, and there's no sitings of either Jesus or Zeus, the thing (the child) does in fact 'speak for itself.'

Send 'em all up the river, and they'll make a nifty little core-group for holy prison gang.

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