Thursday, April 17, 2008

The "Debate" Blowback

Okay, first thing:
Identity politics was invented by white elites to divide intrinsic communities of common interest on the basis of 'invented' grievance. The grievances aren't invented, but the divisions based upon them are.

The real irony of the campaign is that BHO and HRC are compelled by the hegemonic inertia of the system to play the game according to 'rules' which were invented to prevent--or at least to impede--their ascendence.

Neither of them is a "Liberal." Neither is a "progressive."

But the identity communities of which they are both avatars and icons are so ineradicably linked to the "liberal" agenda that both BHO and HRC are identified as "leftists," when nothing could be further from their political sympathies. There's still a little life left in irony after all.

The passion with which the acrimony between the fiercest partisans of both Dim candidates gets exchanged suggests to me that deep, damaging wounds have been dealt to and by both sides.

If i were a CorpoRat, that's just the way I'd want it.

Another thing:
The worst thing to emerge from the 2008 Campaign has been the final, complete, total, irreversible concession to the COMMERCIAL/CORPORATE media the care and handling of the campaign discoures. This is really bad. The CorpoRat media are in business to do nothing but deliver an audience to a product or a service. That's it. End of story. Therefore no one should have been surprised when the 'debates' began as degenerate, gotcha sessions conducted by preening pundits, and descended from there. George Stephanopoulis as Simon Cowell to Obama's or Clinton's aspirant star on American Idol.

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