Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Identity Politics: Who Loves Yuh, Baby...

The core issue, the basest contradiction, and the greatest irony of the clash between the BHO and the HRC campaigns over the Dim nomination is that BOTH candidates have an historic 'right' claim to become the first (non-White/non-Male) President.

Not only that, but there is also a case to be made that both groups of traditionally marginalized, and historically oppressed people have an historical mandate, if you will, to be so represented in the person of the Chief Executive of the USofA.

The irony --who says colonialism can't be fun-- is that the representatives of two such righteous causes should be fighting each other so ferociously fot what, in the end, will probably a prize in ceremonial terms only because whomsoever the next president may be, s/he will face an array of problems, dilemmas, paradoxes, and troubles of such impossible scope, scale and size as to make even one with such an ego as is requisite even to aspire to the office blanch.

It is not unlike watching the birth throes of a third-world 'democracy' where there has until recently been European governors or overseers.

There is the additional irony in the positions into which their "identities" force them. These two candidates, whose 'identities' locate them in the 'liberal' side of the discourse (no matter that neither one of them is anything but a very careful centrist), must try simultaneously to capitalize on their 'identities' without seeming to overtly appeal the the "liberal" issues and constituencies their "identity' bona fides entitle them.

They must fight it out like any other formerly colonized people for the power that consists mainly in the structures still owned and imposed by their oppressors.

Meanwhile, The extent and effects of the 8-year "Mierdas" touch (the shit-side of the famed "Midas" touch) of the Chimp, his satraps, toadies, and gunsels probably won't penetrate the mind-set of 'ordinary Murkins' for almost a decade: until, that is, the next president or two throw up their hands in utter despair--if they retain a shred of decency; if a Puke, then they take a victory crap on the tattered remains of the Constitution.

Of course, the fruits of this chaotic confrontation may become moot, if (as is at least as likely as for either one of the two iconic Dims fighting it out) John McStain is installed. Then they both become very intersting footnotes.

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