Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If "Intelligent Design" Accurately Explains Creation, Then "God" Is A Sick, Sadistic Fuck-up On Cosmic Scale

So says Prof. (and formerly Father) Francisco Ayala, an evolutionary biologist and geneticist at Cal/Irvine. The story's in the NYtimes yesterday:
Dr. Ayala, a former Dominican priest, said he told his audiences not just that evolution is a well-corroborated scientific theory, but also that belief in evolution does not rule out belief in God. In fact, he said, evolution “is more consistent with belief in a personal god than intelligent design. If God has designed organisms, he has a lot to account for.”

Consider, he said, that at least 20 percent of pregnancies are known to end in spontaneous abortion. If that results from divinely inspired anatomy, Dr. Ayala said, “God is the greatest abortionist of them all.”
If the "Design" were "intelligent," human males would be able to auto-fellate...and there would be world peace, because we'd never leave the house.

There's more. Follow the linkee.
Irony is struggling for breath! Hallelulia!

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