Thursday, January 30, 2014

FTSOA: "Pot Warz"

Even WOODY'Z sprized with the alacrity at which spam and slanders arise.
This took three days to appear.
Snopes won't permit us to c&p.
Here's the link...Conclusion: False
This will have ALREADY become an unchallenged fact on Faux Nooz and the RWEcho Chamber.
The story being circulated is NOT satire. It IS political propaganda, though, designed to demonize campaigns to legalize recreational cannabis use, by locating it in the discourse of poverty/minority bashing.
With this story and probably others, now "out there," every and any time the fuckheads wanna disrupt a serious discussion on the merits, all they gotta do is throw this "story" into the heap, and the discussion has to cease. Many who hear such a tale will WANT to believe it. It's called 'confirmation bias..' It confirms their already deeply held predispositions about cannabis users, poverty, and social class. So the conversation HAS to cease.
Because you cannot debunk that kind of misinformation with truth. It is immune to such appeals, because its appeals are to prejudice and "moral" superiority.

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Peter Konopak said...

"I was born three months after she died?" " Injecting weed into her buttocks?" I think this is a send-up.
It has to be. Nobody but a genius at parody could possibly write this and not spontaneously combust. This has to be a parody, because no one is THIS much of a whack-loon-fundamentalist-fearmongering retard....Sarah, were you playing on Trout's computer again?