Thursday, January 2, 2014

For The Sake Of Argument (FTSOA): Job-smacked

Hola hippies!
"For the Sake of Argument," I'm Dr. John Konopak--in Albuquerque, NM
A piteous refrain resounds, like a dirge, through an embattled populace: "What happened to the middle class? Where are the JOBS? Where did they GO? When will they come BACK?"
Bear with me, I'll postulate some answers.
As for the middle class, Raygoon's gunsels, the Corporat/righturds in Congress, and the USChamber of Commerce and the rest of the corporatz' lobbies agreed that the US middle class had just about outlived its usefulness. It was TOO wealthy.  So they all colluded to decouple wages from productivity. That's where the decline and fall of the USer "middle class" began.
They replaced higher wages with easy credit With appropriate collateral)...and it worked, for a while... until the time came to call in the markers. That was 2008.
Where the jobs are?
Ever hear of "Elsewheristan?" That's where.
The corporat, globo-oligarchs began, and the Congress and the Raygoons facilitated, the rapid, almost frantic, export of USer jobs and industries to the third world, where those jobs and industries created consumers who are now replacing the USer market, but without all those meddling unions and regulations.
"Everybody" (the MSM/SCUM/Corporat press in the lead) applauded these "inefficiencies" and the growth of "world trade."
But USer workers were left sucking an empty tit. Still are.
And when will the jobs return:
In all honesty, maybe never.
And if they DO come back, it will be when USer workers are sufficiently "disciplined" to accept 3rd-world wages and working conditions.
Not before...And maybe not even then...
For the Sake of Argument, I'm Dr. John Konopak. Paz, hippies...

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