Thursday, January 2, 2014

For the Sake of Argument: Weed DOESN'T "Make You Dumb"

Woody envy's the lucky ducks in Colorado who are ushering in a new experiment in tolerance with the legalization of recreational cannabis use.

The move is and will be criticized as facilitating 'dumb' behavior because cannabis use allegedly induces such behavior, at leasat in the popular, ant-cannabis canon.

But weed doesn't make anybody "dumb."  
Unless you're already pretty far along that road to begin with, before your first toke.

I've been a daily cannabis user since the '60s, during which time I've garnered 4 degrees, three of them post-grad, several professional certificates and awards, written scores of articles and hundreds of news stories, taught high school and university, and gotten certified and earned a living as a journeyman carpenter. 
Oh, did I mention I learned also to surf?

On the other hand, I'll admit, I have known a fair number of dazed, flaky lay-abouts, toasted on weed, too stoned to move very far, or with much facility.

My own case is anecdotal, I realize. There are literally hundreds more like me, and there is a large number of very accomplished "stoners." 

Which seems to me to lead to the conclusion that recreational use of cannabis operates merely and mainly to accentuate traits one already possesses.

That is: If yer a dumb-ass, it ain't gonna help you NOT look like a dumb-ass.

But if you're moderately smart, skilled, or talented, it can help sharpen those faculties.

One thing for certain: What mass cannabis use will reveal izzat there really ARE a lot more dumb-asses than smart, talented people.

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